We provide the tools for you to make good decisions

BAU Meister Architects is a full service architectural firm.  We can provide design and construction document services along with construction administration of your projects to ensure the design is implemented.  We are also a partnership development firm, meaning, we can provide our expertise for you to further develop your property.  This allows you to take full advantage of your investment.  So if you are in need of architectural services or think you might want to maximize the property you already own, please contact us to discuss your options.

  • We have the knowledge and creative design skills to best maximize your vision and site’s opportunity.  We’ll work closely with you and consultants to develop the project and create an innovative and fulfilling design.  We have a group of consultants that we can bring along to the project or we are happy to work with consultants you have a relationship with.
  • We can help you better understand your property, as it currently exists, and how you can maximize it through developing it further.  We can provide information of projected costs, projected rents, current and projected value, and how your investment in your property can help you maximize your financial benefit from that property.
  • BAU Meister Architects can provide consulting and support services to other architecture, development, and construction firms. Whether you need design / construction documents / administration completed due to staffing shortages, secondary review of existing drawings for completeness, or project management on a short notice, we can provide these services on a need basis.